Information System for Accounting of crude oil and gas condensate

NORSEC is an IT Integrator who implements a projects to connect crude oil and gas field operators to the Information System.

What is "ISUN"  - Information System for Accounting of Crude Oil and Gas condensate?

The purpose of creating the system is to provide the authorized RoK government agency in the field of hydrocarbons with an effective instrument for control of the turnover of crude oil and gas condensate (preparation, transportation, storage, shipping, sales, importation to the territory and export outside the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

 - JSC "NIT" Astana - Development and Support of the Information System (Operator of the System)

 - LLP "NORSEC" - IT Integrator for connecting to the Information System (IT Integrator)

How to connect?

  • Submit an electronic application for connection to the e-Government gateway
  • Obtain a static IP address for dedicated host
  • Organize a VPN channel from your site to ISUN
  • Check data transmission in cooperation with JSC "NIT"
  • Configure workstation for data transfer
  • Connect workstation to the SCADA systems
  • Set-up data transfer software
  • Perform data transfer tests
  • Train operators or company personnel

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