Introductory Course to AGILE Methodology: Agile Principles in Project Management

Apple, Google, Tesla, NASA, Chevron - what unites all these giant companies? The answer is simple: they all use Agile, as do most Fortune 500 companies! The modern world is very much accelerating, and it is often vital for companies to optimize their approach to project management. Companies that are not afraid of change, are not afraid of digitalization and are ready to change in time and adapt their products and services to changes in the world have a competitive advantage. In Kazakhstan, the AGILE approach is increasingly being used in various areas and areas: in IT companies, telecommunications, banking, mining and oil companies, etc.


Course program

Introductory Course to AGILE Methodology: Agile Principles in Project Management

  • What is Agile and why is it needed
  • Features of AGILE thinking
  • The Difference Between Traditional Project Management and Agile
  • About methodologies or AGILE frameworks: Scrum, Kanban
  • About the Roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master in Agile Projects
  • Interactive workshop - a game to consolidate the material
  • Tools for Successful AGILE Projects

Who will benefit from the course?

IT specialists, project managers in IT or outside of IT

Business Analysts, Acting Product Owner and Scrum Masters

Executives, HR, finance, lawyers, engineers and all those who want to improve their project and team management skills

What is the format of the training?



Passing the training


Damira Tursinbayeva

AGILE trainer, coach and corporate consultant

Conducted dozens of trainings and taught several hundred employees and managers the basics of Agile, Scrum Masters and Product Owner at Tengizchevroil (TCO)


  • Agile Coaching Academy, Chevron, 2020
  • Scrum Master Certification, Chevron IT Digital Learning Center, 2020
  • Framing and Facilitation Workshop, 2020
  • Intro to Decision Analysis, Modeling & Evaluation, 2020 

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