Scrum Master - overview training

This overview course will be useful to a wide audience of specialists and managers who are interested in Scrum, and those who are thinking about implementing AGILE principles and, in particular, the Scrum framework, for the purposes of developing products and optimizing existing business processes, as well as improving the efficiency of managing projects of any scale. to achieve great results in Scrum teams. The course will help everyone to learn the fundamental principles of Scrum, reveal the secrets of team success from practice, and will also become the basis for preparing for international certification, so that in the future participants can successfully pass them and work as Scrum masters in any company.


Course program

Scrum Master - overview training

  • What is Scrum?
  • About the role and mission of the Scrum Master in Agile projects
  • Scrum ceremonies in detail
  • Artifacts in Scrum
  • Scrum Team Success Secrets
  • How to select and prepare for international Scrum certifications?

Who will benefit from the course?

IT Specialists, Developers, Business Analysts

Project managers in IT or outside of IT

Anyone who wants to learn more about Scrum and/or become a Scrum Master

What is the format of the training?



Passing the training


Damira Tursinbayeva

AGILE trainer, coach and corporate consultant

Conducted dozens of trainings and taught several hundred employees and managers the basics of Agile, Scrum Masters and Product Owner at Tengizchevroil (TCO)


  • Agile Coaching Academy, Chevron, 2020
  • Scrum Master Certification, Chevron IT Digital Learning Center, 2020
  • Framing and Facilitation Workshop, 2020
  • Intro to Decision Analysis, Modeling & Evaluation, 2020 

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