Мы полностью фокусируемся на  индивидуальных решениях в сфере IT, помогая компаниям достигать стратегического преимущества и операционной эффективности в конкурентной отрасли.

Мы - ваша лучшая сделка на ИТ-рынке 

NORSEC DELTA PROJECTS – это лидер рынка системной интеграции и надежный партнер в сфере информационных технологий для крупного и среднего бизнеса. 

Мы специализируемся на предоставлении полного спектра технологических решений и услуг, начиная поставками аппаратного и программного обеспечения и заканчивая разработкой индивидуальных ИТ-решений, адаптированных к стратегическим потребностям наших клиентов.


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Managed IT Services Tailored for your needs

Managed IT, your competitive advantage: Gain a proactive partner who understands your business, manages your technology, and fuels your growth.

Managed IT Services

We handle your entire IT infrastructure for a predictable fixed fee.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Hire specialized IT professionals temporarily to fill skill gaps or scale projects.

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IT Support Outsourcing

Delegate ongoing IT troubleshooting and user support to a dedicated team.

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IT Consulting Services

Get expert advice and solutions for specific IT challenges or strategic planning.

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WebDev, DevOps and Applications Management services

Imagine your online presence and on-premise business applications running smoothly, securely, and efficiently. That's what NORSEC's combined WebDev, DevOps, and Applications Management services can do for you.

Web Development

Crafting custom online experiences that engage and attract your audience.

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Software Development

Bringing your ideas to life through tailored software solutions and DevOps services.

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Applications Management

Streamline your operations with efficient applications management services.

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Infrastructure Management

Building and maintaining the digital foundation for your business to thrive.

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Empower your business transformation with tailored solutions

Streamlining operations, enhancing customer experience, and driving growth. With NORSEC's tailored solutions, that vision becomes reality.

ERP System Solutions

Gain a unified view of your entire business with integrated data and operations.

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CRM System Solutions

Strengthen customer relationships with personalized sales, marketing, and service.

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Provide secure, central access to information and tools for your employees.

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Customized Industrial, Security, Safety & Smart Solutions

Take control of your business operations, production operations, manufacturing processes, protect what matters most, or elevate your lifestyle. Discover how our Industrial, Security, and Smart Solutions can revolutionize your business and home.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Automate tasks and processes for increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

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In-Vehicle Monitoring System

Track fleet performance, driver behavior, and fuel usage for optimized logistics

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Video Surveillance & Access

Enhance security with intelligent video monitoring and controlled access systems.

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Smart Home Solutions & Services

Equip your operations with robust computers, peripherals, and expert setup, all in one place 

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From Devices to Data Centers: Complete Technology Solution & Services

From essential office equipment and devices to managed IT services - We power your operations with expert data center management, and seamless network support.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Equip your operations with robust computers, peripherals, and expert setup, all in one place 

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a long hallway with glass doors leading to another room

Datacenter Hardware & Services

Power your core operations with reliable hardware and expert management

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black network switch with cables

Network Hardware & Services

Connect your business seamlessly with secure and scalable network solutions

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Ready to Transform Your IT? Partner with NORSEC

Proven Impact: Achieve real results with our track record of satisfied clients and industry awards
  Modern Edge: Leverage cutting-edge tools and practices for efficient and secure IT management
  Expert Guidance: Our team of seasoned professionals brings deep IT expertise
  Scalability Made Easy: Grow with confidence - our solutions adapt to your evolving needs 
  Unmatched Security: We prioritize data protection and system integrity with robust measures
  Strategic Partnership: Align your IT with your business goals - we'll be your trusted guide 

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NORSEC provides a full cycle of IT services, from consulting and project delivery to software development and qualified IT support services. We are committed to enhancing your business's efficiency, agility, and resilience through intelligent IT solutions.  

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