Applications Management Services

Trusted Managed IT Applications Service Provider

Secure and optimize your business operations with expert Applications Management Services.

Maximize uptime and performance with our dedicated support for applications powering your business operations. Our team of specialists understands the critical nature of your systems.

Corporate & Business Application

Support and Maintenance services of your Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and other applications of the Business Applications Portfolio

Technical & Productions Applications

Support and Maintenance services for applications and systems of Prodcution Applications Portfolio.


We provide proactive monitoring, performance optimization, and timely issue resolution to minimize downtime and disruptions of applications

Maintain data integrity

We implement robust data security measures and disaster recovery plans to safeguard critical application data

Optimize workflows

We support seamless integration between applications, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency


We manage software updates and upgrades efficiently, ensuring compatibility and security

We offer service options based on your specific needs, encompassing on-demand assistance, proactive monitoring, and preventative maintenance. 

Time and Material

  • Adaptable to changing project needs without contract renegotiations. 
  • Pay only for the work completed, based on actual time and resources used
  • Both client and provider share responsibility for project scope adjustments 

Dedicated team

  • Dedicated team fosters deeper understanding of your project
  • Direct access to team members simplifies collaboration and feedback
  • Regular sprints and reports ensure project stays on track 

Fixed Price

  • Predictable budget reduces financial risks and surprises
  • Defined deadlines drive focus and efficiency for on-time delivery
  • Clear project boundaries minimize unplanned changes and cost overruns

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NORSEC provides a full cycle of IT services, from consulting and project delivery to software development and qualified IT support services. We are committed to enhancing your business's efficiency, agility, and resilience through intelligent IT solutions.  

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