In Vehicle Monitoring System

In partnership with the best in class Fleet Management Software vendor

IVMS - is set of an electronic devices installed in a vehicle to monitor driver activities and help identify behaviors such as excessive speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration or drowsy driving.

Fleet Management Software that keeps you connected with your people, vehicles and assets. Its flexible solutions are designed to digitize fleet management solutions and keep your business moving smoothly.

In partnership with the leader in telematics

NORSEC is partnering with one of the world's leaders in telematics, Teletrac Navman who provides fleet and asset management technology that streamlines processes and reveals crucial information that would otherwise go unseen.


Reduce Fuel 

Manage idling and track fuel consumption across your fleet

Safety & Security Compliance

Stay compliant, avoid violations, and optimize driver hours


Understand operational performance and identify areas to improve

Operational Efficiency

Get the visibility and insight you need to run your fleet

Turn data into decisions with fleet management software designed to answer your biggest questions, instantly. With real-time location tracking, instant data capture from driver apps and industry leading analytics you will have everything you need to keep your fleet on road and running effectively.

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Why is NORSEC the best IT integrator and Service Provider?

Demonstrates success through client satisfaction and industry recognition
  ​Utilizes advanced and modern tools and practices for IT service management
  ​Has highly skilled professionals with extensive IT management experience
  ​Offers flexible and scalabel options that adapt to business growth 
  ​Implements strong measures to safeguard data and systems
  ​Provides strategic guidance aligned with business objectives